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The Electromagnetic field of the heart

The heart has a very powerful electrical pulsation that is controlled by our mind and our feelings. Our mind and emotions affect the heart in a very powerful way, physically and energetically. Heart pulsations vibrate out into the energy field and give out messages to others, so others can sense if we are fearful, loving or angry. These energy vibrations effect the outside world and those around us because we are all connected energetically therefore our energy will always effect another person’s energy. We must realize that space is a living essence of which we are part, and we have an effect on this living essence that vibrates out from our heart.


When the electrical pulsations of the heart connect to the energy field we then re-act to those vibrations. These vibrations can become so strong that we are then unable to control the effects they have on us. This can manifest in sudden outbursts of energy, this is great if it is joy or excitement or overwhelming feelings of love but can be destructive if it is anger or fear. The heart center is the place where we create our own reality and create our lives.


It is a powerful realization to know that our mind and emotions interact at the heart Centre, not only can we heal our heart physically, we can heal our heart with our mind and our feelings. Bringing peace and love to the mind and feeling a deep sense of inner peace will activate powerful electrical impulses out into your energy field enabling you to love yourself, others and the world.



The many dimensions of the human energy-field

Within our human energy field we have 7 dimensions that are connected to each chakra (to read more about the chakras my EBook “Meditations and the Chakras” is attached to the bottom of this post.)


The first dimension is our earthly existence here on mother earth. The base chakra and etheric layer of the aura experiences all the senses and lives in the now. The second dimension is our emotions which are our reactions to these senses, this is held within the sacral chakra and the emotional body, by bringing peace and acceptance into this energy field we can also heal many physical ailments as they affect one another e.g.: emotional anguish can cause physical pain. The third dimension is our thoughts; these hold our interpretation of the world based on physical senses, actions and reactions. This is held within the solar plexus and mental body, the key to healing our thoughts is to bring a peaceful non-judgmental approach to them, once we bring peace to our mind and emotions we are able to open our heart more and open ourselves to the fourth dimension, this is held within the heart chakra and the astral body, this connects us to the world and all living things in a loving accepting way, this is where spirit reside and they connect to us through our hearts. On the fifth dimension we hold a higher concept of human evolution, this holds our truth and our purpose on a higher level, on a world level, this is connected to the throat chakra and causal body this is where our guides reside to help us understand the world with no religious rules and regulations, accepting EVERY religion EVERY belief and seeing the higher teachings of these religions and beliefs but breaking away from man-made control and construction. On the 6th dimension we hold enlightenment and bliss, seeing things on a higher perspective, understanding life, the world and the universe on a greater level, this is held within the brow chakra and celestial body, this is where the angels reside, full of light if you can fully experience this level you will experience a joy beyond earthly measure and time does not exist on this level, fully now, fully present in the beauty of all that is. On the 7th dimension is the universal mind, a greater understanding of life and humanity, on this level we know everything that has been, that will be and that exists in the entire universe, this is held in the crown chakra and divine template body, on this level we are connected to everything, we are everything, we are whole and we are one


Being an enlightened single mum, part one

We are all just waves of vibration of this underlying unified super string field and we are really united at the core. There is only one consciousness. We individualise our consciousness through the filter of our nervous system but consciousness itself is our inner subjectivity of universal knowing, to truly understand that is enlightenment – from the film “what the bleep, down the rabbit hole”


When you bring all of your consciousness to nothing, just presence with no judgment or ego thought, your higher self takes over and you see the world through new eyes. To be fully aware and conscious of our physical selves, we develop as a human being, by taking notice of our reactions to food, people, places etc. we can then heal and understand ourselves better.

As I’ve travelled my spiritual path for the last 20 years I found that certain practices in Buddhism to be very enlightening. The main practice of mindfulness had such a profound effect on me, my thoughts and my life.

By totally living in the present moment and emptying your mind, your thoughts dramatically change, it’s a very powerful method to connect to your higher self and see the world through new eyes, you become less judgmental and thoughts raise from ego thought to thoughts of compassion, enlightenment and wonder, and you can do it at any time! You don’t have to travel to foreign lands or follow strict procedures; all you do is empty your mind! I have had the most powerful enlightening moments whilst washing the dishes! The first time I felt at one with everything I was actually with my daughter in a park pushing her on a swing! Some may find oneness on top of a mountain or through strict spiritual practices but luckily I just found those wonder moments and higher thoughts during typical days of being a mum. Anyone can experience temporary enlightenment at any time, it’s always with us.

How do you have enlightened moments? Its quite easy, as its actually our natural state of being: Close your eyes and bring your breath down to your stomach, breathe all the way in and all the way out 12 times, then visualise white light all around you, then do another 12 breathes , this time imagining the light coming into your body with each breath in, then as you breath out it fills your aura with light, when youve completed this, stay within the stilleness and peace and just BE. You will feel an energy shift. you can do this once or twice a day.

The truth of the matter is that all you have to do is empty your mind and be in the now!

Ive been a single mum for most of my daughters life. Has it stopped me from living my dream? Ofcourse not. Has it stopped me from being spiritual? Not a chance. I ran an International school of healing for many years, teaching meditation, crystal healing, Reiki and Past Life Therapy, I have never been rich nor successful and the things I manifest actually resonate with my souls purpose. I can teach people to connect to the essence of their soul, I can teach them to access their higher mind and unity consciousness but I havent got a clue about success or material gain, so just a quick thought when you are choosing a course or a teacher, go with your gut instinct, do not judge a course on price or business acclaim, beacuse sometimes the best healers and teachers are the quiet ones who are just waiting in the background, waiting for your soul to notice them xxx