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The Electromagnetic field of the heart

The heart has a very powerful electrical pulsation that is controlled by our mind and our feelings. Our mind and emotions affect the heart in a very powerful way, physically and energetically. Heart pulsations vibrate out into the energy field and give out messages to others, so others can sense if we are fearful, loving or angry. These energy vibrations effect the outside world and those around us because we are all connected energetically therefore our energy will always effect another person’s energy. We must realize that space is a living essence of which we are part, and we have an effect on this living essence that vibrates out from our heart.


When the electrical pulsations of the heart connect to the energy field we then re-act to those vibrations. These vibrations can become so strong that we are then unable to control the effects they have on us. This can manifest in sudden outbursts of energy, this is great if it is joy or excitement or overwhelming feelings of love but can be destructive if it is anger or fear. The heart center is the place where we create our own reality and create our lives.


It is a powerful realization to know that our mind and emotions interact at the heart Centre, not only can we heal our heart physically, we can heal our heart with our mind and our feelings. Bringing peace and love to the mind and feeling a deep sense of inner peace will activate powerful electrical impulses out into your energy field enabling you to love yourself, others and the world.