Women (the enlightened warriors)

Love is a very powerful force of energy and it lies within our own hearts, awakening this powerful force can change your life but we can not mistake love for emotional attachment to a person.

Women are enlightened warriors, they instinctively help others and care about their siblings and friends. A nurturing compassionate nature is usually quite natural for women but it can sometimes unfortunately result in them being used and abused. The opposite to love is ego and the ego likes to get what it wants and immediately, it likes to have battles and win so it can feel good about itself. Both women and men have egos and when the ego is faced with a loving caring energy it likes to take advantage. The enlightened warrior (wether it be male or female) chooses love over ego, but also has the strength to walk away from abuse and control. The true key to being an enlightened warrior is to love compassionately but its also about strength and this means never giving the ego any power and not allowing others to control, manipulate or disrespect you.

During my years of being a spiritual teacher I met quite a large amount of women who allowed men to manipulate and use them (mainly for sex) these men told the ladies how they were their soul mates or twin flames. The women believed them and allowed themselves to be used. 3 or 4 of them were actually having relationships with married men, still believing they were soul mates and totally dedicated their lives to these users, who were basically cheats and liars. I also know of a couple of women who were easy and chased men through desperation of love.

Women please be strong, you have such a powerful force within you, never loose your power and dont be disrespected. Within a woman lies great majesty, we have the power to create life and if you look at ancient magik it always talks of the circle within the square, the circle represents the Goddess and creation. YOU have creation within you.

Love can be found within yourself, start loving YOU and make no exceptions, you deserve to be treated well, romance and treat yourself. Take care of yourself and except that you are a beautiful soul. Look in the mirror and say I love you, this is the first step to self empowerment.

I would like to end this post by saying that not ALL men act in this abusive way and not ALL women are vulnerable. Im posting this to the women who are vulnerable and who need empowerment and strength, and hopefully I can help them find this xxx

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