Heart Healing

Our thoughts and feelings manifest in the heart center. The heart has a powerful electrical pulse therefore when our mind and emotions start to get out of control they affect the heart and then these electrical pulsations vibrate out into the energy field, this can overtake us so we no longer have self-control e.g.: anger, fear or the positive energy vibration of love and joy all manifest in the heart. These electrical pulsations not only affect our own energy field, they can affect other peoples too, people will automatically know if you are angry, hurt, fearful or in love and they will feel the energy. High energy will make you feel more in tune with yourself, humanity and the earth and the lower frequencies will make you feel detached from yourself, others and the world. Low frequencies are usually caused by hurt and pain (as well as drugs, alcohol and a negative environment) most people find it hard to deal with emotional pain and past traumas so they carry it around with them and hold onto it, too ashamed or too frightened to let it go, people disguise their pain in many ways and are unable to love themselves and others fully, they may feel weak and separated from others. They disguise this pain and hurt with ego or a mask and are afraid to show their true selves to the world. We are all humans, we all have our faults, we all have inner hurt and pain and at some time or other we have all felt detached from the world and other people, isolating ourselves in our self-built cocoons. If we keep hanging onto our hurts and keep trying to disguise it, then we will create more pain to ourselves and others, therefore our aura becomes weaker, duller and heavier, this attracts dark heavy energy to us unknowingly. Joy laughter, happiness and love lighten our aura, when we feel happy, joyful and in love we are able to tackle more things, we are able to make other people happy and we can accomplish so much more.

My Re-connection EBook has some lovely meditations to heal the heart and re-connect to your soul. There are also free monthly meditations on my website http://www.masteringenergy.co.uk as well as a heart healing page that is going to be added in February 2013 x


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