Walking away

As I walk away from this failed relationship (again) I feel vulnerable yet excited, money will be tight for a while, but the liberation that I can finally be me, with no limits and no boundaries excites me, there is nothing to stop me now!, I am totally free to create my life over again.

I realised the relationship was like having a relationship with my ego, “you cant do this” “your worthless” whilst my soon to be x talked about himself he had no time to even get to know me, after 7 years I still think he is unaware of who I am! but as Im walking away I feel Im freeing myself not only from his control but from my own ego, it has been the biggest lesson in the world being with him. He actually showed me where my core wounds laid and he showed me how dark the ego can become. So now I thank him for the lessons Ive learnt and for the great wisdom I now experience of life, relationships, love and ofcourse the shade of the ego.

As we wipe away the condensation on a misted glass, we can also wipe away the ego, it shades our soul and our perceptions.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx love and be loved and accept nothing less xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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