Meditation to heal the Heart Field

Within this meditation it is very powerful to hold a crystal ball in your hands, quartz amplifies energy so its ten times more powerful (hence why crystal healings have such immense healing results)  if you haven’t got a crystal ball, you can use any crystal including a tumble stone that you feel drawn to.


Before you start this meditation, light a candle for world peace, then hold your crystal throughout the following meditation.


Crystal ball Meditation

1. Take 10 deep breathes in, whilst visualizing white light all around you

2. Visualize the crystal ball as the world

3. Now breathe in white light

4. As you exhale, breathe this light out through your hands and send healing to the world, repeat 10 times (you may start to feel your hands getting hot as you send out healing energy)

3. In the center of the world see a ball of white light, this is the heart of the earth, feel your heart connecting to the worlds heart.

4. Breathe in this beautiful earth heart energy deep into your heart. Become one with the world and its peaceful frequency of energy, just BE in this moment for a while ….

5. Now see the earth surrounded with white light and the energy of peace, see the atmosphere filled with peace and white light

6. Sense that all this peace is filtering down into people’s hearts

7. See all of humanity and their hearts being filled with serenity, peace and love

8. Now visualize pink light all around the earth, then see it filtering into people’s hearts, healing them and heightening the energy of the heart field

9. Experience purple energy wrapping around the world, offering a transformation of energy, so the world can experience uplifting healing energies.

10, See everybody being filled with purple light.

11. Now visualize the crystal ball as your own heart, and see your heart being filled with beautiful purple light.

12. Now breathe in purple light into your heart center, inhale purple light into your heart, and then when you exhale breathe out purple light so the whole of your aura is filled with this high frequency of transformational energy.

13. This light is healing fear, anger and pain.

14. Place the crystal ball on your heart center (in the middle of your chest) and put your hands in prayer position

15. Now receive healing, say a prayer or reconnect to the earth, whatever feels best for you.

16. Just BE for 5 minutes.

17. To finish this meditation, ground yourself by visualizing golden roots growing out from the souls of your feet into the earth. Feel allyour energy going down to the tips of your fingers and toes.

18. Drink plenty of water and write down your experience.


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